What It Is

Digadop Questions implements powerful knowledge checks directly within Salesforce to challenge your team and gauge their proficiency in whatever topic you assigned. With customization, you are able to determine what your team is being tested on. With detailed reports, you will be able to see how they performed and evaluate on how to proceed.



Digadop Questions offers dozens of features to monitor and measure User Adoption.

Customizable Assessments

Verify your users’ proficiency with your unique business processes.


Users can complete questions on the go from any device.

Extensive Reporting

Set milestones and track progress with detailed logs & custom report options.

Knowledge Checks

Users evaluate their understanding and get immediate assistance with weak areas.

Salesforce Integration

Digadop Questions installs into and syncs with your Salesforce Org to keep everything connected.

In-App Surveys

Obtain feedback from users within the context of the technology.

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